If you’re looking for the same round composite grips on your rod that everyone else in the industry pumps out on the cheap and resells them for a custom grip….Go buy a broomstick.  But …If you are looking for decades of expertise in the aerospace industry in designing and working with precision equipment and composite fabrications with many other raw materials …You came to the right place.  Tom Zimmerman .. over 40 years hands on working for RCA-human factors Industrial design,  Boeing Engineering Model lab, Master Woodworker, Artist and designer. Just to mention a few. 

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The Ztech Rod Company is a “Made in America” brand where 100% of all Ztech composite blanks are built in-house.
Each rod is taken from premium quality flat raw material and through a series of processes is turned into a fishing rod blank of ultra-high quality. Each Ztech finished rod is assembled by highly trained craftsman.
Whether it is our proprietary hand laid up carbon fiber grips building stage, the wrapping, or the finishing, each step is taken masterfully and by hand. We at Ztech are responsible for building the highest quality precision fishing rods in the world.